Limitation of Taxation Services for Prevention of Spreading of Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Nomor: SP-09/2020

Jakarta, March 15, 2020

In line with government efforts to prevent the spread of the Corona virus (COVID-19), effective from March 16 to April 5, 2020, the Tax Office’s Integrated Service Centers temporarily stop all taxation services in all Indonesia.

Taxpayers can still submit annual and periodic filings of tax returns (SPT) through the electronic or online reporting (e-filing/e-form) through www.pajak or by registered mail.

To provide convenience and certainty to individual taxpayers, deadlines of tax payments and submissions of annual individual tax returns for the 2019 tax year are extended until 30 April 2020 and will not be subject to late sanctions.

Also, deadline of submissions of the monthly income tax returns for the month of February 2020, are extended until April 30, 2020 and will not be subject of any late sanctions. However, tax payment deadlines of February 2020 income taxes remain unchanged in accordance with applicable regulations.

Source : SP – 09/2020